Kidney Disease

Signs / Symptoms, Prevention And Natural Medicine Kidney Disorders
What is a kidney disease?
What is the difference of acute kidney disease and chronic kidney disease? in question with kidney failure? 
How to recognize signs / symptoms of renal impairment, prevention and treatment of kidney failure? 
All I am trying to answer the following summary.

Overview of Kidney Disease
As one of the tools expenses (excretion), the kidneys work motabolisma trash dump that occurs in the human body. Also systematically dispose of excess fluid from the body as much as 750 ml 1500 ml per day.
When the kidneys are not functioning, or in medicine referred to as kidney failure, the rest of the body's metabolism is not removed will be toxic to your body.
These toxins, will lead to continued complaints of nausea, vomiting, severe headache to a decrease in consciousness. Fluid can not get out of the body will lead to accumulation of fluid throughout the body cavity resulting in swollen and shortness of breath. If not treated promptly the person who experienced kidney failure to meet death.

According kejadianya kidney failure can be divided into acute renal failure that arises suddenly in a matter of days and weeks. While chronic renal failure in chronic slowly arising.
Acute renal failure if proper treatment, will be cured. While chronic renal failure can not be cured, and must undergo lifelong treatment.
Causes of acute renal failure may be caused by events that occur in acute as total blockage of the renal tract by stones, dehydration in diarrhea is not addressed immediately, and the lack of blood on the wound and surgery, severe infection and toxicity of certain drugs and chemicals. If not handled properly this acute renal failure will become permanent with chronic renal failure.

Symptoms / Signs Kidney Disease
Tanda2 acute renal failure include: low back pain which is very very sick (colic), swollen eyes, swollen feet, pain when urinating, fever, urinating less, red urine (no blood), frequent urination. There Urine abnormalities, al: a urine within the protein, no red blood cells, white blood cells / leucocytes, bacteria in urine.
Chronic renal failure symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, bengkak2, lethargy, no energy, poor appetite,, decreased urination, itching, shortness of breath, facial pallor / anemia. Urinary disorders: no protein, erythrocytes, leukocytes in urine. Abnormalities of the results of the other Lab: blood creatinine increased, hemoglobin decreased; Urine: protein is always positive (there is always a protein in the urine).

Treatment of Kidney Disease
In essence, the goal of treatment is to control the symptoms, minimizing complications and slowing progression of the disease. When a known cause is the impact of other diseases, your doctor will prescribe medicines or therapies to treat the disease they will be, for example the provision of drugs for the treatment of hypertension, anemia or high cholesterol may be.
Treatment of kidney failure begins with fluid restriction. Besides reducing the foods that contain protein, salt and phosphate. If conservatives can not be overcome, it must be done dialysis (dialysis).
In chronic renal failure, dialysis should generally be done for life or a kidney transplant.

Impaired Renal Disease Prevention
Prevention of kidney disease can be done, among others, address the causes of disease. If you suffer from diabetes or hypertension, should be carefully handled and controlled. If there is a kidney stone must be released immediately. When frequent kidney infections should be treated appropriately.
Should not use drugs at will, because once a drug is known bannyak kidney damage, including pain medications and anti-rheumatic drugs and herbs commonly sold freely in shops.
Do a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, maintaining ideal body weight, not consuming alcohol, sodium diet, avoid the intake of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, regulate potassium and magnesium intake, increasing physical activity and avoid smoking.

Natural Medicine Kidney Disorders

Recipe 1 Ingredients:
- 15 grams of dried leaves Breadfruit, + 1 cup boiling water, honey or rock sugar to taste.
How to make:
Pour the above ingredients, use a glass pot or pan soil. Strain, cool and if necessary after mix Honey or Sugar Stone. Drink this mixture twice a day, for ten days.
And for taking this herb, strictly forbidden to eat spinach, cassava leaves, red meat, offal and kale. </ P>

Recipe 2
- 1 + 1 rhizome Ginger Cats Whisker handful of fresh leaves + 1 handful of fresh leaves Meniran + 4 cups water
- Palm sugar to taste
After all these materials are washed, boiled in a pot or pan soil water glass until remaining half. Once cool strain and drink 3 times a day. To add sugar to taste Sugar or honey to your taste.

Recipe 3:
- 60 g fresh Cats Whisker (leaves and stems)
- 30 g of fresh leaf Spoon
- 30 g of fresh grass Pearls
- 800 cc of water
How to make:
Wash all the ingredients and simmer until remaining 450 cc of water. Strain and drink the potion 3 times a day, each 150 cc
Recipe 4:
- 30 g of fresh Meniran (leaves, stems and roots) + 60 g of fresh roots of coarse grass + 30 g of fresh Pegagan
- 800 cc of water
How to make:
Wash all the ingredients, and simmer until remaining 450 cc of water. Strain and drink 3 times a day, each 150 cc. 

Recipe 5:
- 20 gr fresh Sambiloto (stems and leaves) + 60 grams of fresh purslane (following the roots) + 60 g of fresh corn hair 
- 800 cc of water

How to make:
Wash all the ingredients and simmer until remaining 450 cc of water. Strain and drink 3 times a day each 150 cc. 
Kidney Stones Natural Medicine
- 4 young cob corn Corn Hair cell + 1 + 8 leaves fresh Beling Keji
- 1 cup water

How to make:
Wash all bahandan stew to a boil. Once cool, strain and drink for 14 consecutive days. After the stone out, whether in the form of granules or froth, then treatment should be stopped.
Recipe 2
- 30 g of fresh leaves Meniran + 30 g of fresh leaves Cats Whisker
- 1 cup boiling water

How to make:
Once washed, the material was brewed. Allow to cool, strain and drink. Do it for 5 days in a row
Herbal medicine Kidney Inflammation
- 60-120 g fresh root Reed
- 3 cups water

How to make:
Wash and cut into pieces as needed, then boil until the remaining 1 cup water. Once cool, strain and divide into 3 parts to drink 3 times a day. 
Gall Stones Herbal medicine
- 5 young corn cobs
- 5 grams of fresh leaves Cats Whisker
- 1 cup water

How to make:
After all the material is washed, boiled until boiling. Once cool, strain and drink once a day for 14 consecutive days.

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