Sexual arousal Down Due to Lack of Sleep

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Sexual arousal Down Due to Lack of Sleep 

A very tempestuous romance romance was the beginning of marriage. You and your partner always tries every time there is to always repeat it. But slowly, you and your partner will lose interest.
Married couples who have lost interest in sex as much as 48% meliki percent (according to the study), perhaps it's only temporary. Sexual desire may decrease because of some disease, but due to the fatigue factor is the reason most couples do not do sexual activity.

The main reason due to declining physical abilities and accumulate a lot of work or stress because of traffic jams on the road. When you get home, which felt just like a break to restore energy that has been depleted. But many people do not realize that lack of sleep can also lead to a very tired and passion were also evaporated.

Many experts say, many of the patients reported because of low libido and reduced desire for sex. The main reason the perlapor is severely depleted of energy, sleepiness and high emotion.
The man who also complained of lower sex drive, is a man who greets anea sleep, stop breathing momentarily during sleep. Low testosterone levels are usually experienced by men who have sleep apnea.
Lack of testosterone also makes men not passionate, especially in the way the sex. When the pin erection quality is very far from satisfaction. Which causes the penis when erect is lembeknya testosterone levels one level, the lower the more mushy. The result will not get sexual satisfaction.

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