Tips How To Overcome Body Smell

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Safe and Natural Tips to Overcome Body Smell
Body Smell

The smell of everyone's body is different, for those of you who already have a scent that is not problematic and fragrant, then you should be grateful that so many people are very uncomfortable with the smell of body smell body odor alias

Here are some natural treatments to overcome body odor that is:

1.With Turmeric
-Prepare a slice of old turmeric as much as 30 grams, 5 betel leaves, tamarind and palm sugar to taste
2.Mix all the above ingredients and boil the water as much as 600 cc to 300 cc of water remaining
- Strain and drink the water 2 times daily on a regular basis until odor is lost
3.With Basil Leaf / Leaf beluntas:
- Eat beluntas basil leaves or young leaves raw as a salad every day on a regular basis
Lime with orange leaves
- Prepare and wash the lime leaves, roses, jasmine and ylang flowers
- Boil all ingredients to a boil
- Additional stew with plain water was then used to bath regularly

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